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Below you can find some of my research and analysis of game design and production. Click on the titles below for access to a PDF version of these essays.


There is no set process for managing a video game pipeline.  It is something that a producer must develop alongside their team each time they begin a new project.  Coming up with a solid plan usually consists of trial and error as producers build experience.  So, I talked to five project managers in the hopes of finding a common thread that could help pinpoint how to start a project off right.  This report is divided into three parts.  Part One will cover five steps to consider when managing a new project, while Part Two will outline various management methods used in software development.  Finally, Part Three covers additional advice for pursuing the path of production management.


Moral choice systems have become an important part of games that include interactive narratives.  However, there are a number of issues that single-player games face when implementing these choices.  These issues are not as prevalent in multiplayer games, where a player is able to interact with and have an effect on real people.  This paper will analyze the moral choices in single player games, the effort it takes from the developers to create these systems, and how developers can use multiplayer games to improve their single player systems.

A brief analysis of Portal and Portal 2, discussing the various ways it teaches the player how to proceed, and how this can be applied to educational games.

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